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Threat and vulnerability assessments

Threat and vulnerability assessments are systematic evaluations conducted to identify and analyze potential threats and vulnerabilities that could impact the security, safety, or integrity of an organization, facility, or system. These assessments are essential for understanding risks and implementing effective security measures to mitigate them. Overall, threat and vulnerability assessments are essential components of the risk management process, providing organizations with valuable insights into potential risks and vulnerabilities and guiding the development of proactive security measures to protect against them. These assessments are iterative processes that require ongoing monitoring and adaptation to address evolving threats and changes in the security environment.

Components of the assessments:


  • Threat Assessment: Definition of threats, Evaluation of threat likelihood and impact, Scenario analysis, and External and internal threats. 

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Identify vulnerabilities, Assess vulnerability severity, identify assets, and evaluate controls and countermeasures.

  • Integration and Analysis: Assessments integrate information from various sources and data points.

Case Review

Review records to screen potential cases for merit and identify case strengths and/or weaknesses. Provide verbal consultation to clients, unpack complex concepts, explore alternative case theories, assist in trial preparation, and develop technical questions to help clients better understand their case without providing a formal expert opinion or commitment to participate in deposition or trial testimony.

Expert Witness Retention and Litigation

Review records and materials, provide verbal consultation author-written opinions, and provide deposition and trial testimony if needed while being compensated by the attorney directly for your services.


Mark J. Lang, MCJ, the owner of Investigations HQ, LLC, has a career covering over 40 years of extensive law enforcement, security management, and private investigation experience. I am committed to delivering impeccable results and maintaining the highest ethical standards in every endeavor. Accomplished and detail-oriented certified professional with extensive experience overseeing all aspects of organizational security, team leadership, and strategy development and execution. Adept at managing public safety and physical security functions and reviewing management reporting systems for public safety data. I have demonstrated expertise in mitigating all types of operational risks and adhering to set standards within fast-paced environments. 


Board Certified Protection Professional ASIS- CPP and IAHSS - CHPA Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator. I am also a licensed private investigator. I retired as a Special Investigations Captain from the Orange County Sheriff's Office. I have experience in special operations, criminal intelligence, and special investigations. Former Security Executive and Manager for a large hospital organization with experience in all aspects of hospital and organizational security. Member of the Southern Police Institute Alumni Association, Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, ASIS, and IAHSS.

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