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Missing Person

Missing Active Record Count by Sex and Race Dec. 2022, (FBI)

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“The Florida Purple Alert is used to assist in the location of missing adults suffering from a mental or cognitive disability that is not Alzheimer’s disease or dementia-related disorder; an intellectual disability or a developmental disability; a brain injury; other physical, mental or emotional disabilities that are not related to substance abuse; or a combination of any of these and whose disappearance poses a credible threat or immediate danger or seriously bodily harm. “



“Florida silver alert is used to locate missing persons suffering from an irreversible deterioration of intellectual faculties. The Florida Silver Alert plan outlines 2 levels of Silver Alert Activation: Local and State. Local and State Silver Alerts engage the public in the search for missing persons and provide a standardized and coordinated community response.”

Missing person investigations involve a systematic effort to locate individuals who have disappeared under circumstances that are not immediately explainable. These investigations can be conducted by law enforcement agencies, private investigators, or specialized organizations. Here's an overview of how missing person investigations typically unfold:


1. Report and Initial Assessment: The investigation usually begins with a report filed by concerned family members, friends, or other parties who have noticed the individual's absence. Law enforcement agencies or organizations tasked with handling missing person cases will conduct an initial assessment to gather information about the missing person, including their physical description, last known whereabouts, and any relevant circumstances surrounding their disappearance.


2. Gathering Information: Investigators gather as much information as possible about the missing person, including their habits, routines, known associates, and recent activities. They may interview family members, friends, coworkers, and others who may have had contact with the missing person prior to their disappearance.


3. Search and Rescue Operations: Depending on the circumstances of the disappearance, search and rescue operations may be initiated to locate the missing person. This can involve deploying search teams, utilizing tracking dogs, conducting aerial searches, and employing specialized technology such as drones or infrared imaging.


4. Data Analysis and Technology: Investigators may use various technological tools and resources to aid in the search for the missing person. This can include analyzing cell phone records, surveillance footage, financial transactions, social media activity, and other digital traces that may provide clues to their whereabouts.  

5. Public Awareness and Media Outreach: Public awareness campaigns and media outreach efforts are often employed to solicit tips and information from the community. This can involve issuing press releases, distributing flyers, utilizing social media platforms, and coordinating with local news outlets to raise awareness about the missing person and generate leads.


6. Collaboration with Other Agencies: Missing person investigations often involve collaboration between multiple agencies and organizations, including law enforcement agencies, search and rescue teams, forensic specialists, medical examiners, and nonprofit organizations specializing in missing persons cases.


7. Follow-Up and Continued Investigation: Investigators continue to follow up on leads, conduct interviews, and pursue any new information that may arise during the investigation. This may involve re-interviewing witnesses, conducting additional searches, or exploring new avenues of inquiry.


8. Resolution: The goal of a missing person investigation is to locate the individual and ensure their safety and well-being. In some cases, the missing person may be found alive and reunited with their loved ones. In other cases, the investigation may lead to the discovery of remains, providing closure for the family and enabling law enforcement to pursue criminal charges if foul play is suspected.


Overall, missing person investigations require a coordinated and comprehensive approach involving the collaboration of multiple agencies and the diligent efforts of investigators to locate and bring resolution to cases of disappearance. Call or email for a free consultation. 

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